… a level at a time.

Forgetful me…

Well, it figures I would forget something in my last post. That’s what I get for posting when sleep deprived… overtime and a lack of sleep will do that to a person.

I picked up Dragon Age: Origins for the 360. It’s a fairly simple game to get a hang of, that is, after you go through the process of customizing the look of your character… which could take a long while if you have OCD, like me. I figured I needed to be a little less OCD about the way my character looked after I took a good half hour making my character look just right, then deciding I didn’t like the way he looked any more about ten minutes into the game, deleted him, and remade him… with the almost the same results.

Dragon Age: OriginsI have not played all of the origin stories, but of the ones I have played I only found 2-3 that actually peeked my interest. The Human Noble and both Dwarf Noble and Dwarf Commoner. I’ve mostly played my Dwarf Noble, but it seems I’m making better progress with my Human Noble because I have more of an understanding of the talent system and game-play.

It probably didn’t help my Dwarf Noble, who is a warrior, because I was using the Auto-Assign skills to all the party members [except my main character, who I was setting up to be the tank]. So, Alistair was being auto-setup to be the tank, just like I was specifically setting my Warrior. For a while I had to keep Alistair in my group because I didn’t have enough party members, there wasn’t enough DPS to kill things quickly. Things have picked up since I got other characters to replace Alistair.

My Human Noble on the other hand, who is also a warrior, is built more for the brute damage of a two-handed weapon. I’m also assigning the points for each party member instead of using the auto-assign. I let Alistair keep his tanking role, I wanted to try something a little more DPS oriented this time around.

My Dwarf Commoner on the other hand, is a Rogue. Naturally, Alistair has to keep the tanking role. I haven’t gone nearly as far with this character as I did with the my other two characters. I just finished the origin and “starting area” with this character.

My brother and I have done quite a bit of the Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 2 over the weekend, yesterday, and today. We’re going through the whole thing on Veteran. So far, we’ve completed all of Alpha and Bravo, every mission except the last in Charlie, and the first 3 in Delta. I’ll just say, they’re lots of fun, and they  can be challenging… especially those Juggernauts. Oooh, those Juggernauts… *shudder* they’re insane on Veteran. I haven’t played Spec Ops on any easier modes, but I’d imagine they’re a bit easier to kill. I’m almost dreading the last two Ops in the Echo section. That just seems like a suicide mission to me.

We need to take a break from the Spec Ops though. We’re missing the multiplayer versus [we haven’t touched versus since we started playing the Spec Ops]. Our favorite versus modes are mainly Team Deathmatch and Ground War.


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